Alise vecumdienās

Vēl viens jauks Pola Džesapa stāsts (reiz jau rakstīju par viņa garstāstu “Atver acis”). Šoreiz pavisam īsiņš. Kā klājas pieaugušajai Alisei, kas grib atgriezties Aizspogulijā? Ne pārāk labi.

She looked behind the mirror again. Took it off from the mantel, turned it around in case there was a way of getting in from behind the mirror itself. Nothing. She turned it over, placed her hands on the glass. It was solid, still. Same as before. Just silver polished and polished until it reflected everything in the room. Just a looking glass, nothing more, nothing less. It hadn’t been a dream. She pushed her hand harder, trying to force it to … Lasīt tālāk

via Paul Jessup


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  1. BTW, have another one about Dorothy trying to return to Oz:

    And today I’ll have one about Wendy trying to return to Neverland.


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