Dārgās bibliotekāres (un bibliotekāri)!

Lūk, cik jauka ideja! Es tā priecātos, kaut ko tādu ieraugot arī kādā no tām bibliotēkām, ko apmeklēju! Nu lūdzu, es nemaz nenojautu, ka ilgojos pēc randiņa, kur nu vēl aklā, bet aklais randiņš ar grāmatu… no tā es nespētu atteikties.

In addition to adding an element of mystery and surprise to Memorial, Beth also notes a more egalitarian goal for the display: breaking a reading rut. “It’s interesting to consider how gendered our reading choices can be– how we get stuck reading only books from a man’s or a woman’s point of view, or by writers of our own race. Even just the same genre over and over.” The Blind Date with a Book display breaks down that initial impulse to stick to what you know. Instead, readers choose books based on intriguing personal ads, and might find themselves enjoying a story they wouldn’t have picked up otherwise.


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