Scarlett Thomas. “PopCo“. Edinburgh: Canongate, 2009 (2004).

Only in homeopathy do you get specific remedies for people who believe they are made of glass, have a delusion that they are selling green vegetables, or have an aptitude for, or a horror of, mathematics. Using homeopathy to solve the problem of illness is similar to using functions in maths. 270

Usually, when I think about the word ‘farm’ I see it in terms of toy cows and pigs and little pretend fences. Perhaps thinking about the world in terms of toys makes things easier to cope with (even the fences are cute!) Or maybe not. What about when you realise that the fences aren’t pretend? I know one vegetarian (Rachel) and now one vegan. But it’s not a ‘normal’ thing to be, is it?

And then I think another odd thought. Does marketing do this? Is it marketing that makes us think that something like being a vegetarian is as stupid as wearing shoulder pads and too much blusher? Is it just marketing that makes us feel good about tucking into a 99p slab of dead cow at lunchtime? That, and the fact that everyone else does it too, perhaps. 292

Mātes vēstule: CHANGE THE WORLD. It doesn’t matter how big or small the change is but make sure it’s for the better. I look around me and I see nuclear missiles, vivisection, cruelty, poverty and hunger. 339

Beware of cheap goods. If you buy cheap goods, you are stealing someone else’s labour. 350 They pay only to make the label, nothing else.

But maybe the enemy does exist after all. Maybe I have some idea of who the enemy is now. Maybe the enemy is me. 351

I think about the miniature wars that individuals fight all the time. They fight against cellulite, or negative emotions, or addictions, or stress. 394 (..) What do all these little wars achieve? Although it is part of my life too, and I want to be thin and pretty and not laughed at in the street and not so stressed and mad that I start screaming on the tube, it suddenly seems a little bit ridiculous. All the time we do these things we are trying to enlist ourselves into a bigger war. We are trying to join up, constantly, with the enemy. It’s the enemy’s voice in your ear that tells you your kitchen is too untidy, our your bathroom does not sparkle; that your hair isn’t shiny enough, your legs not thin enough, your address book not bulging enough, your clothes not cool enough. (..) I’m worth it. Me. I’m worth the lives of others. 395

I think what I am trying to say is that a lot of people out there just can’t cope with the pain and suffering in the world. they understand that they inflict a lot of it – by voting in governments that go to war for the oil, or by buying clothes stitched in appalling conditions, or eating animals that died in pain – but they also know that if they didn’t vote, governments would still get in, and if they didn’t buy those products, everyone else would. It’s almost logical to do nothing. 402 Chloe

Dea Trīra Merka “Ziemas bērni“:

Īstenībā viņai jau tūlīt pēc augstskolas beigšanas jāizlemj, vai viņa vispār grib bērnus. Taču, ja viņa grib, tad nav nekādas jēgas no izglītības, ko viņa tikko ieguvusi. Man šķiet, ka sievietes tiek nostādītas pārāk skarbas izvēles priekšā. [..] Tāpēc mums situācija ir drusciņ citāda nekā vīriešiem… un man šķiet, ka šī tēma, runājot par sieviešu jautājumiem, netiek pietiekami apspriesta.

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